About Us

SiliSlick is a small business that is based out of New York City. We are family owned and operated. In 2013, we started making silicone baking mats and gloves which allowed cleanliness and grip that regular baking trays and gloves did not provide. A few months later, we began designing the first set of our one of a kind Rainbow Titanium Knives. 


They were an instant hit. The success and popularity of our product catapulted us into the knife selling industry, where we have grown to the point where we are today. We have truly experienced the American Dream in our journey, and would love to share the knowledge we have gained over the past few years. If you have aspirations of starting your own business, contact us and we'll tell you what helped us the most when we were beginners. All you need is a dream and a plan, and anything is possible. We hope you enjoy our products.