2 Slot Portable Knife Sharpener

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- Crossed black Tungsten blades provide coarse edge sharpening
- Crossed white ceramic rods deliver razor sharp fine edge sharpening angles. 
The SiliSlick® Portable Knife Sharpener is the ultimate knife sharpening tool for any knife owner. It is small and portable, easily fitting in the palm of your hand. The two crossed slots on either side provide specific sharpening gradients depending on the state of the blade. On the sides, slotted handles allow you to hold the sharpener firmly in place, and rubber covers on the top and bottom give you the option of placing it down on a surface for more precise blade maintenance.
A few strokes through the Tungsten cross will prime a dull blade for further use. Start with that if your blade needs serious sharpening. The ceramic cross on the other side is perfect for fine tuning and maintenance of sharp blades, and will finish the job the Tungsten cross started to finish with a razor sharp edge.
Get yours today to keep your SiliSlick® knives sharp and efficient!

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