SiliSlick Bundle of Knife Set, Magnetic Wall Rack, and Portable Knife Sharpener


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This 3-piece SiliSlick Stainless Steel Knife Set is built for incredible toughness and power, only outmatched by the beauty of craftsmanship and construction. Grab the smooth black, ergonomic handle and slice evenly with perfect precision and weight balance. Sharpener has Tungsten (carbide grade) and Ceramic rods. Designed and manufactured with non-slip rubber base and textured hand grips on each side for safe and greater comfort and control. Having 2 Tungsten carbide cutting rods with a scientifically determined and pre-set angles ensure and guarantees the perfect edge sharpening. SiliSlick Magnetic Knife Rack brings space-saving innovation to your kitchen and home. It has two powerful magnets that will support up to 8 kilos (17 pounds). It up valuable counter space by mounting on any wall. Have all of your cutlery at your fingertips, fully visible for easy identification of the exact knife you are looking for. Also can be used in many other practical applications such as holding keys by the front door, drill bits in the garage, etc!

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