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SiliSlick Set of Magnetic Wall Rack and 2-Stage Portable Sharpener

$ 13.95 $ 22.95
BUNDLE includes: Knife Sharpener and Magnetic Rack. Designed and manufactured with non-slip rubber base and textured hand grips on each side for safe and greater comfort and control. Hand Held model Instructions: The Tungsten carbide slots will restore the edge of a dull blade. The ceramic rods will complete the process and will polish and finished edge of already sharp blade. SiliSlick Magnetic Knife Rack brings space-saving innovation to your kitchen and home. It has two powerful magnets that will support up to 8 kilos (17 pounds). Mount one (or several) under your kitchen cupboards, and then use them to organize your spice jars. SiliSlick Magnetic Knife Rack is a great way to corral all of your hand tools. Put a SiliSlick Magnetic Knife Rack near the front door and you will never have to search for the house keys again; add a binder clip so that you can leave reminder notes for yourself or other family members. SiliSlick Magnetic Knife Rack is 1.5" by 12" knife holding strip. SiliSlick's strip let's you safely store your cutlery. Simply install this strip on the wall or cabinet, and you will have a safe and convenient storage for all your cutlery or any other metal items. The powerful magnetic strip helps you organize your knives and tools and find the right one at a glance. Our magnetic racks can be seen in many professional kitchens and people's homes. You can have one of your own. SiliSlick values the importance of proper and safe, knife storage. This magnetic rack keeps knives visible and separate and eliminates accidental cuts and scrapes to your hands and knives.

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