Magnetic Knife/Tool Rack - 6 Black

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  • Color: Black
  • SPACE SAVING INNOVATION: These magnetic knife strips by SiliSlick increases your kitchen shelf, drawer, counter and entire home space by storing all sizes of knives and tools on your wall! Banish the bulky counter top knife block and get organized! And, if in a small space, like a motor home, shed, apartment, RV or camper - use your vertical space!
  • HANG THEM IN THE KITCHEN & WORKSPACE for convenient storage of an entire knife set or tool collection. Use a magnet bar for your garage, salon, art supplies or other rooms and split them up! This wall storage organizer is great for the modern home decor!
  • YES, THE HARDWARE IS INCLUDED: Everything you need to perfectly mount your magnetic racks is inside the package. We’ve made the installation of the magnet bars very easy for you, so you may as well buy bundles of 2, 3 or 4 pieces for ultimate home & kitchen organization!
  • KEEP YOUR KNIVES & TOOLS IN PREMIUM CONDITION: Without the risk of clinking around in a drawer, your knives or tools will stay nick free! This essential utensil organizer offers you a safe alternative for knife storage so you don’t risk poking your finger as you reach in a drawer!
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: SiliSlick warranties these heavy duty magnetic wall strips against any defective parts or workmanship forever! That means this is a risk free purchase!

Product Description

SiliSlick Magnetic Knife Rack brings space-saving innovation to your kitchen, home and workspace! Hang household and work products, like scissors, knives, utensils and all tools! Hang in your business, such as your beauty salon, art studio or mechanic’s shop for your work tools! Easily store up to 17 Pounds (8 kilos) on each wall magnet!

Keep your entire cutlery collection at your fingertips, fully visible for easy identification of the exact knife you need! The SiliSlick® Magnetic Knife Rack is a multi-purpose storage solution! Mount one on your wall or inside your cabinet door or to organize and store your spice jars or any metal tools. This makes more room in your cupboards, drawers, countertops, fridge and entire home and lets you quickly find the utensils you need. Hang the blades for your food processor with one mounted to the back cupboard wall.

Hang your hand tools within easy reach and all together in the garage or shed on this handy set of magnet strips! Screwdrivers, hammers and wrenches will have a convenient spot which takes no room in your toolbox! In your craft room or classroom, organize scissors! Add some metal clips so you can easily hang scraps of fabric and ribbons or a bucket with crayons and markers!

Put a SiliSlick Magnetic Knife Rack near the front door and you will never have to search for the house keys again! Add a binder clip so that you can leave reminder notes for yourself or other family members. Each SiliSlick Magnetic Knife Rack measures 1.5" by 11.875".

Add the SiliSlick Magnetic Knife Rack to your cart today, and bring order to your life.

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