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SiliSlick Bundle of 3. 2 Stage Portable Ceramic Bladed Knife Sharpener

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Tungsten (carbide grade) and Ceramic rods. Designed and manufactured with non-slip rubber base and textured hand grips on each side for safe and greater comfort and control.

Having 2 Tungsten carbide cutting rods with a scientifically determined and pre-set angles ensure and guarantees the perfect edge sharpening. 3-4 strokes, backwards, restores the sharpness of the blade's edge.

Benefits: Crossed Tungsten Blades Provide Quick Edge Sharpening and Crossed Ceramic Rods Deliver razor sharp edge sharpening angles. Hand Held model Instructions: 3 or 4 strokes through Tungsten carbide slots will restore the edge of a dull blade. 2 or 3 strokes through ceramic rods will complete the process and will polish and finished edge of already sharp blade.

Excellent for use on all types of knives

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